Important Notice/重要通告

Thank you for visiting IROAD Official Website

From October 1st 2017 onwards, all authorized IROAD products will be marked by POSIS IROAD Official laser labels. When purchasing IROAD products, please make sure the following label is attached on the product packaging. POSIS is not responsible for any products without the official authorized product label.

由2017年10月1號開始,所有IROAD香港正貨將會有POSIS IROAD官方雷射標籤。購買IROAD產品時請確保產品包裝上有官方雷射標籤。POSIS將不會為任何非官方產品負責任。

New warranty cards

New warranty cards will be issued from October onwards for dash cameras
由10月起POSIS IROAD將為行車紀錄儀提供新的保養卡

please write down the serial number and the date of purchase and read the terms and conditions.

  • POSIS 會確保產品的質素和售後保養服務。
  • 保養卡上需要售賣店舖的簽名方可視為有效。
  • POSIS存有保養卡及機身編號,嚴禁轉讓保養卡。
  • 保養範圍是根據POSIS IROAD保養政策,保養內容請參考官方網站
  • 在遺失保養卡的情況下,將無法提供保養服務。

For sellers

If you find products without the official authorized product sticker, please contact POSIS IROAD office at 35895120. Warranty cards issued by Radarway will become invalid starting from October 1st 2017, and POSIS will not take responsibility for products with any unofficial warranty cards. Please contact POSIS IROAD for product and warranty card exchange.


如有任何非官方標籤的IROAD產品,請聯絡POSIS辦公室(35895120)。由2017年10月1號起雷達行發行的保養卡將會失效而POSIS將不會為非官方保養卡的產品附上任何責任。請盡快聯絡POSIS IROAD更換官方保養卡和產品標籤。