IROAD Dash Camera battery “PowerPack” has been launched

JAEWONCNC announced that Dash Camera battery “IROAD PowerPack” has been launched this month.

There are 2 types “IROAD PowerPack” and “IROAD PowerPack Plus”, Each model has 6800mA, 13600mA battery capacity with Bluetooth communication.

PowerPack has Bluetooth function for user convenient and safety that is very special and attractive in current battery market. There were so many difficulties and inconveniences for maintenance.

IROAD PowerPack has the advantage for installation and maintenance. Now, Customers willing to install powerpack in hidden place of vehicle. Once installed, everything will be under control in real time such as setting, estimate discharging time, charging time, current, voltage, input power, power consumption, firmware upgrade etc. It can be also easy to install mobile application from Google Playstore, Apple Appstore.
LiPePO4 battery is well-known for eco-friendly and much stable than Lithium-ion and Nichel battery types.
Even IROAD Powerpack provides PPM(Power Sleep Mode) function for preventing battery discharge and portable charging USB port that supports stable 3A output power.
Another strong advantage is super fast charging and long term running.
“IROAD Power Pack (6800mA)”, “IROAD Power Pack (13600mA)” requires each 45 / 90 minutes for fast charging, 37 / 75 hours available to use.

President Mr.Han announced that’s the first products as satisfied oversea requirements and already exported all of first productions to overseas market.