Front Full HD, Rear HD 2 Channel Dash Camera “IROAD T9” has been launched

Jaewoncnc announced that IROAD T9 is released on 28th of October, IROAD T9 equipped ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance system) function.

Front camera 1920×1080 Full HD and Rear 1280×720 HD with over 30 frames for each is superiority at recording high-definition quality images.

Also Night vision function assists more clear and visibility at night time recording. Furthermore ADAS function can be supported more safe driving with LDWS(Lane Departure Warning System), FCWS(Front collision Warning System) and FVDW(Front Vehicle Departure Warning).

Recording and Checking recording files can instantly confirm with equipped 3.5 inch IPS wide touch LCD screen as other previous models, Wi-Fi function enables playback footages(Front and Rear) with smart phone, downloading files and configuration setting, automatic firmware upgrade and easy sharing on SNS.
Besides, upgraded JDR format free file system provides enhanced image saving. It can be recording every moment even if there is sudden power abruption.
Even auto restoration function will be protecting from damaging and falsification images.

Above all, their powerful latest LBP function provides as a basic option as well as lower power consumption[2.6W] that will be automatically cut the battery power off when it reaches preset level.