premier Dashcam “IROAD T10″ launch

JEAWONCNC, in Dashcam corporation, announced that “IROAD T10″ will be released to the world on coming 18 which has FullHD 2CH front and rear, and equips with LCD and WiFi function.

New model “IROAD T10″ supports premier resolution, front Full HD(1920*1080) and rear Full HD(1920*1080). And, also Sony Exmore image sensor and 155 degree wide angle lens equipped enables to record high resolution images.

Recording and checking recording files can be done instantly with 3.5 inch IPS wide viewing angle touch LCD equipped with, and as other previous models, Wi-Fi function enables paying recording files and rear images with smart phone, downloading files and configuration setting, wireless firmware upgrade and sharing recording files as well as uploading on SNS.

Particularly, high performance CPU which is designed as low voltage consumption(2.3w) prevents heat deformation and degradation phenomenon and enables stable system operation

JDR format free image recording system upgraded can record safely without formatting, and it can record at every frame and moment in rear time so it can enable to store recording files safely when disconnected power abruptly. It supports memory card auto restoration function which is to restore damaged files and image falsification prevention function

“IROAD T10 ” is designed as 3 block lay-out to show off the uniqueness and luxurious and, the wide angle lens which is three times bigger than previous lenses is a exclusive design in an assessment.

enormous efforts on stability and quality of “IROAD T10″, it was tested in more than 100 ways like temperature/density test, various driving modes and so on.

A firmware will be release in the future in order to enable to use ADAS (advance driving assistant system) such as lane departure warning system(LDWS), forward collision warning system(FCWS), front vehicle start alarm(FVSA)

T10 is the fruit of IROAD technology piled for the last 8 years in Korea market and, IROAD will settle down as a premier brand in the world with the beginning of T10 in 2016, JEAWONCNC announced in a statement.